Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Dinner was gooood...

Tonight I wanted to get outside because it was nice and warm, compared to it being in the 50's for part of the weekend. I walked up to Chicago Avenue to try a new mexican restaurant tonight. It's one of those hole in the wall places and it was really good. I love going out to eat mexican in my neighborhood because there are so many small, family run businesses. If you're ever near Chicago and Wood, try El Taco Veloz.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Carolyn and Steve go to Michigan for the Weekend

Carolyn and I got back from our trip to Michigan earlier this evening and I have a bunch of pictures to upload.

Here's a picture of us driving up on Saturday morning. (I know a little overkill... but when I was bored in the car the iphone came out to keep things interesting)

Here's Carolyn enjoying some cider and doughnuts and the cider mill which is down the street from Carolyn's house

Front entrance to the cider mill (did you know that Laura Bush visited the cider mill?...)

On Sunday we went to Greenfield Village. The best way to describe the village is that it's a museum like community that showcases a lot of the earlier work of Henry Ford and Thomas Edison. The community is also filled with tons of replicas of other famous people houses, workshops, etc. You could actually go for a ride in an original Model T for $4.00. This is a picture of a replica of one of Thomas Edison's offices. He actually visited the offices in the early 1900s and recorded a message for all the visitors. It was pretty interesting to hear the message.

I saw this in Carolyn's garage and I had to take a picture of it. This is Carolyn's original tricycle that her parents have saved.

Friday, September 14, 2007

picture from airplane

I was in Orlando earlier this week and I snapped a picture from my iphone on the way into O'Hare. It's not the best picture, but it's kind of cool to capture the lights of the city.

It's Pizza Night

Carolyn and are taking it easy tonight so we ran out and got some pizza from Bacci. It was our first time there and the pizza slices were HUGE.... Seriously, these were the biggest slices of pizza I have ever scene. I had my iphone with me and I snapped some shots of Carolyn chowing down.

Saturday, September 08, 2007

Hello iPhone

Guilty as charged... I finally did it. It hasn't even been more than a week since Apple reduced the price of the iphone, and earlier today I went to the Michigan Avenue store and bought one. It took me about 10 minutes to set everything up and activate it. Everything was really easy. I've been playing around with the phone for about 45 minutes so far.. and here is my professional assessment:


I am amazed at how easy the user interface is. It knows exactly how you think and anticipates every move you make. And the screen is awesome. I was a little skeptical about how good the screens always looked on the TV ads, but it really does look that good in person.

Well.. now it's time to go back and start setting up my contact lists and music.

If you're thinking about buying one, please go ahead and get one now. It's definitely worth it. I haven't been this excited about a new toy on a long, long time.

Usher's Wedding

Mike Colon, who is one of the photographers I follow, just shot Usher's wedding this past weekend

From Mike Colon's Blog...

"This is a story I have to tell because it's so unbelievable! I got a call at 2:30am PST on Saturday Morning (9/1/07) and was on a plane at 6am. As I sat in first class on a Delta flight to Atlanta, I couldn't help but lean over and whisper to the sleepy fellow next to me, "I'm shooting Usher's wedding today." It was obvious that he could care less, but that didn't stop me from telling the guy in the seat in front of me next."

Click here to see the rest of the story.

Carolyn's friend Ginger came in today from New York and we just got back from picking her up at the airport. She brought us the best surprise. If any of you have ever been to the restaurant Serendipity in New York, then you probably tried a Frozen Hot Chocolate. If you haven't, it's a combination of a chocolate shake and frosty. And you usually have to spoon it in since it's so thick. Here's a little history about the restaurant which I got from The New York First Company's website

The most famous dessert in New York is served at a place that is part general store and part restaurant, soda fountain and coffeehouse. It's Serendipity 3, nestled in the heart of the Upper East Side, founded in 1954 by Stephen Bruce and his two partners, Calvin Holt and Preston "Patch" Caradine (the Serendipity 3).

Those three naughty boys invented Frrrozen Hot Chocolate, a secret-recipe, icy-chocolate confection served in an enormous fishbowl-shaped goblet, garnished with a mound of fresh whipped cream and shaved chocolate, and accompanied by a mixing spoon and two straws. This frosty, velvety-smooth creation is made from no fewer than 14 kinds of chocolate and exotic cocoas, ground into a rich slush.

Serendipity has been on the cutting edge of food, fashion and fun for over 50 years. Return to childhood as soon as you step inside. The restaurant entrance is a General Store filled with toys, candy, and a dozen different take-home sets of world famous Frrrozen Hot Chocolate, so you can give the makings of this unbelievable drink as a treasured gift, or keep it all to yourself. Each set includes everything you need to re-create the chilly bowl of magnificence at home: Just empty the instant mix into a blender, add milk and lots of ice, and whirr until frozen.

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

the new iPods are here...

The media event is over and most of the rumors are true, with the exception of the new version of the iphone. The iphone price dropped by $200 which makes it pretty attractive. Here's a picture of the new lineup of iPods

Carolyn - this is now officially on the top of my birthday wishlist.

Apple Media Event

It’s going to be another big day for Apple as they are holding a “special media event” around noon. Rumor has it that they will announce an upgraded iPod nano with more storage and a display screen. There’s also talk of a new nano iphone. I’m really interested in the nano iphone… if they do come out with one, this could be at the top of my birthday wishlist. I’ve been wanting an iPhone, but wanted to wait until they come out with a second generation version.